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    Schuler as system partner and as turnkey supplier


    Schuler offers more than just minting equipment for the production of coins and medals.
    From design to the packaging of finished coins – from the integration of new technologies into the manufacturing process, to the planning and realization of complete projects – Schuler is at your disposal as a system partner and turnkey supplier worldwide.

    Schuler as turnkey supplier

    As a general planning partner and general contractor, we offer the development and production launch of complete minting facilities. Our services range from planning the process engineering, to project coordination and determining the interfaces, to the integration of components into new equipment concepts.

    The Schuler range

    • Blanks, circulating coins, tooling
    • Handling and logistics
    • Special edition coins and medallions
    • Minting tools
    • Manufacture of minting tools
    • Research, development and training


    Schuler as a supplier of minting equipment around the world
    Turnkey solutions for the manufacturing of coins