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    Knuckle-joint presses for high-precision disks


    For manufacturers of industrial disks, chain links and other mass produced parts Schuler offers presses with knuckle-joint drive for high-speed stamping or embossing:

    Presses of the BMK series speed up to 250 strokes per minute and produce high-volume parts in compound press dies. This guarantees minimal center deviation and a high degree of surface flatness. The slide axis inclination of 15 degrees to the horizontal plane ensures a reliable removal of the high-volume parts.

    Presses of the EMKH series produce embossed and calibrated parts with up to 750 strokes per minute. Feeding the blanks centrally under the die guaranties slightest center deviations and high degree of surface flatness.

    Your advantages

    • Compact, space-saving press drive
    • Precise play-free slide guiding enables minimal die clearance, which results in an improved cutting edge quality
    • High degree of system rigidity and stability under load
    • Presses of the BMK series: finished parts leave the machine at the bottom by pressurized air. Therefore no separate part discharge device is required
    • Presses of the EMKH series: longer die life due to practically shock-free contact between upper and lower die


    High-speed stamping press with knuckle-joint drive and 2,000 kN press force (BMK series)

    High-speed embossing press with knuckle-joint drive and 1,500 kN press force (EMKH series)