Practical solutions: Transfer presses for support components


    The properties of high-strength steels require lines that have high press force capacity relative to the size of the die clamping surface. The nominal force travel on the other hand can be set low since the forces grow greatly only toward the end of the forming process. The use of a link drive is to be recommended due to its relatively low speeds during the forming phase. This drive in conjunction with a fully hydraulic drawing unit will guarantee an optimal drawing operation.
    The Schuler 4,500-ton, tri-axis transfer press is optimized for the manufacture of support and structural components in high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels. A separate slide with 2,000 ton press force and a relatively small clamping surface of 1,400 x 2,500 mm permits a drawing process that is not negatively influenced by blanking and coining operations.  Powerful hydraulic bed cushions in all stations and a high-performance transport system designed for heavy weights guarantee a safe investment for the future.