Die-related requirements


    In the area of die engineering a faimiliarity with both aluminum and high-quality steels is required. The processing  of high-strength steels, for example, demonstrates similar elongation at fracture values as in the processing of aluminum. For this reason, a similar component design is required as well as the use of appropriate drawing units.  
    In addition, standard die steels and die designs and dimensioning are not suitable, just as for autenitic high-quality steels, due to the extreme forces. Surface coatings are also required due to the extremely high surface pressure. When used in transfer press at higher stroking rates, these significantly more rigid dies in some cases even have to be water-cooled. Since the use of cut-off blades is to be avoided, this may also lead to more die stations (6OP). An alternative solution is to design simpler components, but this would again lead to more components in the auto body.


    Segmented die drawing die for high-strength steels