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    Hydraulic drawing cushions


    For complex body production tasks, an increasing number of hydraulic drawing mechanisms are being used, including on mechanical presses. The advantage of hydraulic drawing mechanisms as opposed to pneumatic systems lies in the precise adjustability of the counter-holding force. Proportional or servo valves allow precise adaptation to suit various drawn parts and, if required, a drawing sequence with different holding forces.

    Multipoint drawing cushions

    The technology at the heart of multipoint drawing cushions is based on several cylinders arranged below the pressure box, which can be programmed for different counter-holding forces.
    The different counter-holding force means that the pressure box and drawing cushion blank holder alter their parallel position and, therefore, the blank holding force between the upper die and the blank holder.
    If the pressure at one of the counter-holding cylinders is increased, the blank holder force increases, and less material flows into the die. If, on the other hand, the pressure is reduced, more material flows into the die.
    In the case of four-point drawing cushions, this system influences the corner points. In the case of six-point and eight-point drawing cushions, additional influencing of the drawn part contour is possible


    Multipoint drawing cushions