Hydraulic fineblanking presses


    In cooperation with the Swiss company Feintool AG Schuler has built fineblanking press at its Waghäusel plant for over 50 years. These presses are designed specificallly for forming, bending, and coining of complex fineblanking parts. The capcity range of hydraulic fineblanking presses lies between 3,200 and 15,500 kN. They permit processing in material thickness up to 20 mm.  Hydraulic fineblanking presses are noted for extreme precision of the slide guiding over the entire length and width directly on the press uprights. Other notable features of these presses include special tool supports that absorb and neutralize forces, the generously dimensioned die space, and the ability to adjust the height of the stroke.


    Hydraulic fineblanking press HFA 700plus for forming, bending and coining of complex fineblanking parts.

    Compared with the HFAplus range, the HFAspeed features a more powerful drive system and optimized hydraulics. These, combined with appropriately configured tools, maximize the stroke rate.

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