Finished part stacking units


    Finshed part stacking units ensure protection for parts and faster downstream processing. Manual removal of single, double and quadruple parts by one or more exit conveyors or an automated stacking are fast, reliable methods that enssure maximum part safety. The automated, flexible finished part stacking line from Schuler works by means of traversable, overhead robots with a camera system for gentle positioning and stacking.   

    Your advantages

    • Compact, short design
    • Manual or automated stacking
    • Stacking of single, double and quadruple parts
    • Up to four robots for unloading of singles
    • Up to eight robots for unloading of doubles and quadruples
    • Stacking capacity up to 17 spm
    • Stacking capacity for quadruples up to 68 parts/min.
    • Retrofit automatic quality control possible
    • Can be integrated into existing plant logistics


    Fully automated finished part stacking with robots and VISION System
    Part stacking unit with robot automation

    Parts are delivered to the stacking unit after the last forming station
    Stacking finished auto body side apertures