Large series production of metallic bipolar plates for fuel cell

    With systems from Schuler and Soutec


    Schuler MSP servo press and Soutec laser welding technology

    As a manufacturer of cutting-edge technology in all areas of forming, Schuler offers lines for the large series production of metallic bipolar plates for fuel cells. The servo-driven knuckle-joint press based on the MSP series has been specially adapted to the requirements for the forming of bipolar plates. A double-sided material feed allows the use of different materials for the two bipolar plate halves. Both halves are transported between the die stations by an innovative transfer system based on linear slides. Due to the highly precise positioning of the transfer, the bipolar plate halves can be placed on top of each other in the middle of the press and pre-joined by welding or forming processes. Subsequently the bipolar plates are welded gas-tight by a laser welding system from Andritz Soutec AG.

    Your advantages

    • Production of up to 50 bipolar plates per minute for approx. 50,000 fuel cells per year (depending on the size of the bipolar plates)

    • Pre-coated materials can be processed

    • Forming lines and dies as well as laser welding technology from one supplier

    • By more than 180 years experience, Schuler is your perfect partner along the entire process chain


    Bipolar plate line BPL with Soutec laser welding technology