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    Solutions for battery cell finishing


    State-of-the-art cell formation technology with energy recovery and overall efficiency of more than 85%. The technology provides highly efficient charging and discharging with low heat development in the formation chambers.
    Schuler’s solutions for battery cell assembly are based on the longstanding expertise of the Sovema Group. Besides individual machines for the key processes of notching, stacking, tab welding, packaging, or electrolyte filling, Schuler is a technologically competent supplier of turnkey systems for the high-volume production of battery cells.

    Your advantages

    • Benefit from the Sovema Group’s 50+ years of battery expertise and the Schuler Group’s decades of experience in the coordination of large-scale products with numerous OEMs

    • High-quality European equipment for battery cell manufacturing

    • Schuler’s reliable global service network


    Equipment for battery cell formation

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