Visualization with Schuler BasicView


    With Schuler BasicView permits easy, user-friendly control of all line components such as transfer system, press, and die change equipment.  The use of coordinated and tested components pays off in production and the user profits from low susceptibility to faults, high levels of uptime, easier availability/storage of spare parts, and less cost and time spent for repairs and maintenance. Schuler BasicView is based on a slim-line PC control.  This offers short response and recovery time for high-speed axes, fast servicing of the entire system and makeslearining the system easier for operators. 

    Simatic ProTool/Pro serves as the model for the Schuler BasicView.  The visualization/graphic display was developed in cooperation with Schuler customers and the Institue for Man-Machine-Interface in the Production Automation Department of the University of Kaiserslautern.

    Your advantages

    • Structure of the menus corresponds corresponds to the operational sequences on the line
    • Simple operation, diagnostics, and maintenance
    • Clear structuring into the following: production, product data, manual, diagnostics, service, configuration, and messages
    • Fault texts clearly indicate cause, type, and place of fault or malfunction
    • Intuitive operation in touch-screen technology


    Visualization/graphic display with Schuler BasicView