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    Hydraulic presses for forging ring blanks (MH series)


    The first forging operation when manufacturing seamless rings is forging ring blanks. Ring rolling lines turn these into the precursors for bearing shells, crown gears, flanges, turbine disks for jet engines and various highly stressed structural elements.
    Hydraulic presses are particularly well suited for forging ring blanks: High forces, long strokes and an unlimited rated capacity are the features needed for efficient ring blank forging. Either highly flexible lines or multi-station processes with optimized output are used, depending on the depth of the product range and / or the required output rate. Centering devices, swivel arms, robots and manipulators guarantee suitable parts and die handling.

    Your advantages

    • high forces for extremely large parts
    • high flexibility and high output rates
    • proven press concepts
    • different forging processes adapted to the parts
    • coordinated die processes, in-house die and process expertise


    Hydraulic press for forging ring blanks
    Hydraulic press MH 3000

    • Hot forging
    • Warm forging
    • Cold forging