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    Hydraulic presses for forging aluminum wheels (MH series)


    Weight savings achieved in the driveline are increasingly leading to more energy efficient vehicles. In addition, reducing the wheel weight in trucks can allow for a payload increase of up to 500 kg, depending on the number of wheels, for the same gross vehicle weight. In addition, the ability to polish the surface to a mirror-like finish makes the hearts of some truck drivers beat faster. These requirements are met by forged aluminum wheels.
    Hydraulic presses with high press forces make it possible to forge aluminum wheels with superior properties: Improved mechanical properties, lighter weight, good chemical resistance, and almost unlimited design options.
    Turnkey systems including the presses, a saw for the billets, heaters, automation and die change devices make it easy to start forging aluminum wheels, or to extend an existing production facility. Line controllers make sure the complex systems operate reliably.

    Your advantages

    • concentrated high press forces
    • proven press concepts
    • high precision and quality of forged wheels
    • high output rates
    • forging processes adapted to the part geometry
    • complete lines from a single source


    Hydraulic presses for forging aluminum wheels
    Hydraulic press MH 7000

    • Hot forging
    • Warm forging
    • Cold forging