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    Crank presses with ServoDirect Technology


    In forging presses with ServoDirect Technology, several torque motors act on a main shaft via a step-down gear unit. These types of presses are suitable for single-stroke operation as well as forging in continuous operation. The stroke rate and forging speed can be optimally adapted to the part. Production output levels are increased by shorter pressure contact times and a corresponding lower heat input into the dies.

    Your advantages

    • High efficiency with optimum productivity levels
    • Great flexibility due to adaptable slide movements
    • Rigid configuration with triple bearings for the crankshaft
    • Short pressure contact times and low heat input
    • Wear-free single-stroke operation is possibleli>
    • Immediate access to the die installation space, for example in tryout mode
    • Station to station part handling with minimal speed


    Installation of a forging press with ServoDirect Technology

    • Hot forging
    • Warm forging
    • Cold forging