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    Hydraulic presses for manufacturing CNG gas cylinder tanks (Typ MH series)


    Today, more and more vehicles are driven with alternative fuels. The travel distance of gas-fuelled vehicles depends significantly on the vehicle weight and the fill volume of the fuel tank. To deal adequately with both of these factors, it is necessary for the compressed natural gas (CNG) containers to withstand considerable internal pressure and also be lightweight in design. Beginning with the blank, CNG containers are manufactured on Schuler machines in several drawing/ironing operations. A blank holder is integrated depending on the forging station.
    Manufacturing CNG gas cylinder tanks from blanks offers many advantages. Blanks are easier and less expensive to manufacture than seamless precision tubes. In addition, they have thinner bottoms compared to containers forged from a solid block. High surface quality is guaranteed by the integrated ironing process.  Fully automated production processes and fast changeovers maximize productivity for the system.

    Your advantages

    • lower material cost of blanks as compared to precision tubes
    • lower weight than traditionally forged containers
    • larger container diameters are possible compared to traditional forging
    • high surface quality


    Line with three hydraulic presses for manufacturing CNG gas cylinder tanks.

    • Hot forging
    • Warm forging
    • Cold forging