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    Vertical coining press EMK


    High levels of quality and performance, significantly higher die service life, reduced costs for service and maintenance, and narrow dimensional tolerances for parts. The Schuler knuckle-joint presses of the series EMK are known, due to their special motion characteristics, as the problem solvers for the manufacture of high-precision coining and sizing parts. In additon to general coined parts, these presses can also be used to manufacture parts for the automobile industry, hand tools, badges, and flatware as well as for sizing of forged parts. EMK coining and calibrating presses are available with nominal rated forces from 1,800 kN up to 15,000 kN.

    Your advantages

    • Low center of gravity
    • Reduced levels of die wear thanks to the softer impact on the workpiece
    • Extreme rigidity of the line
    • Low overall height
    • Longer service life
    • Low-vibration operation by means of perfected bottom drive technology


    Multi-station coining of screwdrivers
    Total view of EMK coining press with a nominal press force of 360 metric tons

    • Hot forging
    • Warm forging
    • Cold forging