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    Multi-station mechanical presses with link drive (MML series)


    Multi-station mechanical presses with link drive are suitable not only for high-volume production of small parts but also for producing a variety of shafts, due to the large range of slide strokes. The latest control systems make it possible to integrate the presses easily into fully automated production systems.
    The variety of features and available functions such as bed and slide ejectors, blank feeding, transfer and die changes means that the systems can be used for specific applications or flexibly optimized for a wide range of applications. The various designs for kinematic motion of the slide that can be selected enable these presses to be configured for warm forging as well.

    Your advantages

    • high output rate
    • reduced forging speed
    • longer die life
    • wide range of applications


    Multi-station mechanical press with link drive

    Multi-station mechanical press MMK2-1000

    • Hot forging
    • Warm forging
    • Cold forging