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    Hydraulic ironing presses (MH and MHS series)


    Hydraulic presses can form over almost unlimited stroke lengths under force, and therefore are well suited to wall ironing. In addition to traditional vertical forging systems, Schuler also offers horizontal presses. With ingenious integration of two die chambers in this design, the return stroke of the slide can also be used for forging, thereby increasing productivity.
    As a rule, one ironing operation is sufficient for calibrating precise parts. Long, thin walled parts are generated in one stroke by relatively large reductions in the wall thickness on presses with long stroke length and several ironing rings arranged consecutively. The blanks are pulled through the die with the punch. In one cycle, the wall thickness is reduced precisely to the required dimension, the ultimate shape is created and the surface is smoothed.

    Your advantages

    • high part quality in terms of accurate dimensions and shape, as well as surface quality
    • economical production with combined deep-drawing and ironing operations in one forging procedure
    • no limits on part length due to unlimited working strokes of hydraulic press systems
    • high output performance, particularly with horizontal press systems using two die chambers


    Hydraulic ironing press in horizontal and vertical design

    • Hot forging
    • Warm forging
    • Cold forging