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    Design requirements for dies


    Processing aluminum requires special demands on the design of the drawing dies:
    • A drawing depth as uniform as possible
    • No free forming (wrinkles of the second order); the blankholder should be close to the punch contour
    • Small, included angles with large drawing depths should be avoided
    • Large, round drawing projections; and large, soft excess material areas

    The material best suited for drawing dies are special gray cast iron alloys (GG25 CrMo or GGG60 or GGG70).

    When demands are extreme for surface quality of cast parts, steel construction is recommended in GS52, as these materials provide better properties for polishing.  As aluminum tends to pick up contamination, a nitride or chromium plating of the inserts is recommended.  

    Strong drawing dies are to be avoided.


    Aluminum body of a Jaguar XJ