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    Requirements for automation


    Processing aluminum requires certain components related to this metal.  For instance, the type of destacker/blankloader option is vital to the process and requires certain considerations:
    • As aluminum is non-magnetic, blank stacking can be performed only by vacuum cup technology.  Also true of double-blank monitoring.
    • Blank destacking should be performed by a single controlled suction unit with bending cylinder, operating via compressed air nozzles located on either side.
    • Blank loaders should be equipped with feeders where possible - not overhead magnetic conveyors.  In limited applications, floor-mounted conveyors or suction-cup conveyors may be used.

    When sensitive outer-skin panels are being used, the following are strongly recommended:
    • Feed rollers made of synthetic material, instead of hard-chrome plated steel rollers.
    • Using a blank washer with lubrication unit.
    • Exchangeable straightener cassettes to avoid carry-over residue of aluminum oxide or zinc, for example, if processing alternates between sheet and aluminum coil.


    Universal tooling for destacker/blankloader for materials such as aluminum