Schuler RSS-Feeds

    Don’t miss out on the latest news. With our RSS news feed you now have the opportunity to receive the current press releases immediately after publication. The subscription to RSS feeds is simple and free of charge so that you can receive info on the topics of your specific interest.

    How do RSS feeds work?

    RSS is a service that works similar to a news ticker that contains a headline with a short text excerpt and a link to the main page. Supplying such data in the RSS format is also called the RSS feed. It automatically delivers the reader, after becoming a subscriber, all new entries. The subscriber to the RSS feed can follow the offered links and then have access to the complete releases.

    You can subscribe to the following categories:

    How do I subscribe to the RSS feeds?

    Copy one of the addresses listed above and add this into your RSS reader.

    What is an RSS reader?

    There are a number of different commercial RSS reader programs available for reading RSS news feeds at no charge. These programs read the subscribed news feeds and inform you of new entries.

    An entry consists of the headline of a press release with a link to the complete news item at

    You can find more information about the use of RSS feeds and a selection of RSS readers under