Schuler Ibérica, Barcelona, Spain

    Mailing address

    Schuler Ibérica S.A.U.
    Edificio SCV Forum
    Planta 2a, Puerta 4a
    Ctra. Sant Cugat-Rubí, Km 01, n° 40-50
    08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

    Tel.: +34 (93) 5 44 23-00
    Fax: +34 (93) 5 44 23-01


    Felix Rondreux

    Core competencies

    As a sales & service company, Schuler Ibérica is the first contact for customers in Spain and Portugal for questions concerning replacement parts, repairs and modernization, as well as investment in new equipment. Customers include the automobile industry and its suppliers, the electric motor sector, and the household appliance industry. Schuler Ibérica serves customers using presses and stamping plant equipment of an older generation as well as customers manufacturing on new lines.
    Capabilities include maintenance/repairs, electrical and mechanical rebuilding, equipment relocation, modernization, performance enhancements as well as used press sales.  The services offered apply to equipment supplied by Schuler as well as other manufacturers.