Plant Photo of Farina Press, Italy

    Farina Presse Srl, Suello, Italy

    Mailing address

    Farina Presse Srl
    Via Provinciale, 31
    23867 Suello (LC)

    Tel.: +39 (031)-655881
    Fax: +39 (031)-656769


    Marco Gritti

    Core competencies

    In 1932, Domenico Farina founded “Costruzioni Meccaniche Farina”, a shop which manufactures tools for metal cutting dies. The company started out as a crafts shop but quickly expanded. A press was required to test dies: thus the first Farina press was constructed, initially only produced to forge metal. In the 70s, press production focused on hot forging, that requires more complex machines with special technologies when compared to cutting presses. From then on, Farina Presse production shifted to hot steel forging presses, enriching its range with the production of all the machines required to complete – and automate – the hot forging process. An example are the mechanical hands that automatically handle pieces. Today Farina Presse designs, customises and produces complete hot steel forging lines sold as both complete lines and single pieces. It also provides “Retrofitting” services, reconditioning existent presses.