Plant Photo of Müller Weingarten AG in Weingarten

    Schuler Pressen GmbH, Weingarten

    Mailing address

    Schuler Pressen GmbH
    Schussenstraße 11
    88250 Weingarten

    Tel.: +49 (0) 7 51 / 4 01-01
    Fax: +49 (0) 7 51 / 4 01-24 58

    How to find us

    After Sales Service
    Tel.: +49 (0) 7 51 / 4 01-25 28
    Fax: +49 (0) 7 51 / 4 01-26 70


    Benjamin Fürst, Dr. Peter Jost, Thomas Kamphausen, Klaus Linnig, Torsten Petrick

    Core competencies

    Weingarten is a major manufacturing facility of machine components such as, among others, slide pressure point/adjustment units, gearing and drive elements for all press models offered by the Schuler Group. Weingarten is also the production site for smaller screw presses, notchers and notching cells. Other core capabilities at this facility include engineering and development of mechanical presses for auto body manufacturing, of blanking and forming cells, of presses for forging and of notchers. In addition, Weingarten is the center of all service and rebuilding/modernization activities for Müller Weingarten products.

    Mailing address

    Core competencies

    Sales and service location as well as home of the Industry division