Innovative Technology for the Mass Production of Battery Cells and Testing

    Schuler, Sovema, and Bitrode co-exhibit together for the first time at the Battery Show North America since acquisition announcement

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    Schuler and Sovema can now supply equipment for the mass production and testing of lithium-ion batteries for existing or planned gigafactories.

    Schuler Group, including Schuler North America, will co-exhibit together with the Italian Sovema Group and U.S. affiliate Bitrode Corporation at the Battery Show North America, booth #1201. The show will take place September 12-14, 2023, at the Suburban Collection Showplace, in Novi, Michigan.

    “Schuler’s experience in executing large projects for 184 years combined with Sovema’s battery manufacturing know-how creates a unique market positioning for us to support existing or planned gigafactories,” explains Kevin McAllister, President of Schuler North America. “The Battery Show North America provides a great opportunity for us to display our innovative technology, European and North American presence, and local service capabilities.”

    Schuler and Sovema will showcase production lines that cover the key process steps of battery cell assembly and finishing. Schuler will also present its production lines for the cost-efficient mass manufacturing of prismatic and cylindrical battery cell housings. This includes deep drawing presses, impact extrusion presses, and full turnkey solutions.

    “After the first successful joint event in Germany last May, we are excited to bring the strength of our group to the U.S. market,” states Massimiliano Ianniello, General Manager of Sovema Group. “We will showcase our most recent innovations, especially for lithium-ion cell manufacturing, through a virtual experience via VR goggles. Attendees can explore and interact with our machines and developments in a whole new dimension.”

    Sovema’s equipment and engineering for the production of lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries will be highlighted along with Bitrode’s new Bitrode Digital Cycler™ (BTDC™), a precision charge/discharge test system designed specifically for high-capacity cells with regenerative capabilities.

    “The BTDC system analyzes the quality of the cells before they are assembled into modules and then packs,” adds Cyril Narishkin, CEO and President of Bitrode Corporation. “We found a way to leverage the most recent advancements in power electronics, digital control, and communication to provide a best-in-class solution for cell cycling,”

    Schuler already offers production lines for battery cell housings, electrical sheets for e-motors and bipolar plates for fuel cells, and several other solutions for e-mobility. Attendees will be able to clearly see how the acquisition of Sovema and Bitrode last year expands Schuler’s offerings. The European- and North American-based companies can now supply equipment for the mass production and testing of lithium-ion batteries for existing or planned gigafactories.