Digital Solutions Forge a New Future

    Schuler North America presents the “Forge Shop of the Future” at Forge Fair 2023

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    Schuler is a one-stop, one-source supplier of forging presses, hammers and counter blow hammers, process and operational development, dies, and automation systems.

    Schuler North America, subsidiary of Schuler Group GmbH, will exhibit at Forge Fair, booth 113, at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio (May 23-25).

    Forge Fair is North America’s largest event dedicated exclusively to the forging industry. More than 2,000 forging professionals are expected to attend. Schuler will showcase best-in-class forging technology and digital tools that create the Forge Shop of the Future.

    “We hosted our Digitalization & Modernization Workshop in February of this year to demonstrate practical and feasible ways stampers can create the Press Shop of the Future. The Forge Shop of the Future is an extension beyond stamping and includes digital tools applicable for forging,” explains Kevin McAllister, President of Schuler North America.

    Schuler North America’s Sales Manager of Forging Technology, Gurinder Singh, will present “Forging Presses with Modern Drives: Economical Solutions & Best-in-Class Forging Technology” on May 24, 11:25 AM EST. Attendees will walk away with a greater technical understanding of how forgers can improve performance (output, electrical energy savings, flexibility, forming speed, and duration of contact). These improvements can be achieved with digital solutions or forging technology such as Schuler’s Multistation Forging Press combined with Farina Presse’s kinetic energy recovery system (KERS). KERS provides the advantage of conventional and servo drive, can achieve up to 30 strokes per minute, and produces higher quality output.

    “There are too many parameters in forging when heating the material—in comparison to sheet metal forming cold or room temperature parts. This, along with forgers working with smaller openings of the slide and using materials such as graphite during the lubrication process, creates a perception that forgers cannot improve performance with digitalization,” Singh states. “This perception is true for some technologies, such as camera-based visual systems, but there are digital tools currently available for forging—including predictive maintenance, forge shop planning, and energy savings. There’s a lot of work to be done, but the possibilities are endless.”

    Schuler will host a live demo of Schuler Connect, augmented reality (AR) technology that enables safe and cost-effective remote support and troubleshooting via smart glasses or application software. Attendees will also learn about forge shop planning tools designed to avoid efficiency losses and damage risks. These tools are machine applications from Schuler’s Digital Suite and include Schuler’s Press Force Monitor, Production Monitor, Cooling Analytics, Lubrication Analytics, and Drive Analytics.

    Schuler’s comprehensive portfolio of forging presses range from 3,200 kN to 360,000 kN and enable the best economical solutions for quality parts. The company also offers hammers and counter blow hammers ranging from 12 kJ to 1,400 kJ. Schuler’s capabilities extend further to process and operational development, dies, and automation systems—securing forging business with a one-stop, one-source supplier.