Schuler’s One-Stop Shop for Battery Cell Case Production

    Schuler to unveil competitive turnkey solutions at The Battery Show North America.

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    Schuler will present its production lines for the cost-efficient mass production of prismatic and cylindrical battery cell housings.

    Schuler North America, subsidiary of Schuler Group GmbH, will exhibit at The Battery Show North America, booth #1332. The show will take place September 13-15, 2022, at the Suburban Collection Showplace, in Novi, Michigan.

    Schuler will present its production lines for the cost-efficient mass manufacturing of prismatic and cylindrical battery cell housings. This includes deep drawing presses, impact extrusion presses, and full turnkey solutions. Schuler’s one-stop shop offerings, from single machines and dies to complete turnkey lines, will be the company’s promotional focus.

    “We recently announced Schuler’s takeover of Sovema Group to better serve existing and planned gigafactories with turnkey technology. This acquisition completely aligns with Schuler’s CORE strategy to further expand within the e-mobility market and accelerate innovation,” states Kevin McAllister, President of Schuler North America. “We are also excited to welcome Sovema’s American-based subsidiary, Bitrode Corporation, to the North American team. The company is located in St. Louis, Missouri.”

    Schuler expands upon its capabilities through the Sovema Group acquisition to become a leading systems supplier of lithium-ion battery cell manufacturing solutions. The Italian mechanical engineering firm, Sovema Group, is currently the only worldwide supplier of automated turnkey plants for the mass production of lead-acid batteries. Sovema’s production equipment for quality battery cells is specific to pilot and laboratory projects, and their international customer base includes some of the top battery manufacturers. Sovema will exhibit at The Battery Show North America, booth #2201.

    “Schuler has an unrivaled range of innovative technology and service solutions for the battery market. Schuler’s impact extrusion presses, specific to prismatic battery cell case production, save up to 35% more material utilization and are 5x faster than other technologies,” explains Tiago Vasconcellos, Director of Sales at Schuler North America. “This is not enough. The market needs a one-stop shop supplier that economically provides an entire production process. Schuler’s developing the foundation to become a unique supplier for this solution.”

    Schuler has been a leading supplier of customized forming technology for almost 200 years. Schuler continues to diversify its turnkey capabilities by including R&D, design, simulation, prototype support, and more. Attendees of The Battery Show North America will learn how Schuler’s one-stop shop achieves OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), higher outputs, greater flexibility for customized parts, and lower costs per part.