Schuler to Host Die-Free Laser Blanking Seminar for the Metalworking Industry

    Schuler and MetalForming Magazine will address smart, economical laser blanking solutions for Class A quality and structural parts

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    The live seminar will be presented on Friday, July 8th, at 10:00 AM EST.

    Schuler North America, subsidiary of Schuler Group GmbH, and MetalForming Magazine partner to present a complimentary online seminar, “Die-Free Blanking Class A Quality & Structural Parts: 5 Smart Solutions with Laser Blanking Technology.” The live seminar will be presented on Friday, July 8th, at 10:00 AM EST.

    The seminar will inform registrants how laser blanking technology provides additional unique, cost-effective, and sustainable manufacturing capabilities that conventional blanking does not—with absolute flexibility, optimized efficiency, and maximum part quality for a variety of materials.

    “The market is not fully aware of laser blanking lines’ high-volume serial production results—up to 45 parts per minute. This notably reduces the productivity gap in comparison to conventional blanking lines,” explains Justine Fonteyne, Area Sales Manager of the Americas at Schuler Group GmbH. “Manufacturers are pleased by the drastic reduction in capital equipment investment as laser blanking lines have no dies, press foundations, loop or press pits, die cranes, or die storage areas. Material savings are also made possible by laser blanking techniques enhanced by Schuler’s DynamicFlow Technology.”

    Schuler’s seminar will be hosted by Fonteyne. Fonteyne has worked closely with the metalworking industry, specifically with world-renowned automotive OEMs and tier suppliers, for over five years. With Fonteyne’s specialized market expertise and technical proficiency, Schuler sold three laser blanking lines in the U.S. alone last year—resulting in competitive high-output for American manufacturers.

    “Schuler is the only supplier to provide DynamicFlow Technology to the industry, and Schuler North America has the largest local support team and technical know-how within the U.S.,” states Kevin McAllister, President of Schuler North America. “Schuler is ready to serve the expanding market with this proven advantageous laser technology and adapt it to the unique needs of the individual metalworking manufacturers.”

    Schuler’s seminar will cover the basics of laser blanking with introductory-level content tailored for all metalworking professionals. Registrants will also learn about customizable laser blanking solutions for high-strength steel, aluminum, and stainless-steel part production, and they will have the post-seminar opportunity to get answers to questions meeting their production and product needs.


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