MSP Series Well-Received on the Market

    In addition to its existing 100 to 400 ton machines, Schuler has now expanded its popular series to a press force of 800 tons

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    With the MSP 800, Schuler has now sold the strongest machine in the series until now.

    Huissel is well-known as a reliable die and sheet metal part supplier for the automotive and supplier industry. Now, the company wants to complete the die manufacturing process chain in Frankenthal and the related delivery of sophisticated sheet metal parts at the Enkenbach-Alsenborn site in its portfolio. According to the two managing directors Peter Busalt and Gerald Schug, these market potentials could not be achieved with the existing machinery. A system was needed that would permit economical manufacturing also of medium and high lot sizes while enabling easy operation. Huissel has now struck it rich with the MSP 800: the latest expansion of the newly developed servo press series of Schuler.

    "We examined suppliers from Spain and Italy to Germany," says Peter Busalt. "But only the MSP series from Schuler currently has the functions we need." Gerald Schug adds, "The intuitive operability of the machine was important for us, for example, because this aspect helps even unexperienced employees quickly achieve good results and lowers inhibitions in regard to taking advantage of the full potential of the servo press."

    Operators can select from predefined movement curves or program them freely. A fixed component of the control system is the Smart Assist software from Schuler, which performs the setup procedure for the dies step by step – a further positive point for Gerald Schug: "In this way, we can shorten the usual launch of production to a fraction of the time."

    The commissioning of the new press is also considerably faster thanks to a digital twin. Here, the virtual system model is connected to the real control system with the machine and system visualization system. All functions of the MSP 800 can be simulated on the computer in this manner. The functionality and operation of the system can therefore be tested and trained on the future real machine.

    For the MSP 800, Huissel will set up a new hall in its Enkenbach-Alsenborn factory. As a whole, this project is the largest single investment in the company's 100-year history. Huissel also intends to attach dies that it has manufactured in its Frankenthal factory 40 kilometers away to the new servo press. The tie rod structure of the MSP 800, which offers particularly high rigidity, also guarantees the quality of the parts production.

    Schuler will present the MSP 400 – the "little sister" of the MSP 800 so to speak – to the general public at the EuroBLECH trade fair in Hanover for the first time, the press will also be commissioned at customers' sites soon. The smallest members of the family, the single-rod automatic blanking press CSP 100 and the double-rod automatic blanking press MSP 200, are already in use at stamping companies. What all these presses have in common is the innovative knuckle-joint drive with highly dynamic servo motors and additional smart functions, such as condition monitoring.

    The new addition to the family will arrive soon: Schuler is developing the series further up to a press force of 1,250 tons.

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