Ready for e-Mobility

    Whether body, batteries or engines: Schuler offers sophisticated systems for the economic serial production of components for e-cars

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    Schuler has developed a high-speed press for electrical motor laminations, which is being used by several car manufacturers.

    The automotive and supplier industry is undergoing change, with renowned manufacturers currently investing billions of euros in electric mobility. Schuler is prepared for this transformation and offers systems for the economic serial production of components for E-cars – whether body and structural parts, metal housings for batteries or electric motor laminations for engines.

    The technology and world market leader in forming technology has developed a high-speed press, for instance, that is already being used by several well-known car manufacturers and suppliers in the production of electric motors. The reason for this is the increasingly complex geometry of electric motor laminations, which enables higher energy efficiency through thinner laminations and, as a consequence, lower eddy current losses. This requires equally complex and therefore longer progressive dies, the number of forming stations increases accordingly.

    At the same time, electric motors grow in diameter to achieve higher performance. The result: The presses require a larger die space in order to be able to clamp the longer progressive dies. Schuler reacts by extending the press bed of its e-mobility press SMARTLINE EV 3.8 from 3.30 to over 3.70 meters.

    A special control developed by Schuler checks the depth of die penetration at each stroke and can correct it in fractions of a second to ensure part accuracy from the first stroke while reducing die wear by up to 30 percent. Furthermore, Schuler not only produces the presses and automation, but the dies as well. The system solutions for the manufacture of electric motors became possible following the acquisition of the die manufacturer AWEBA. As such, the lines are optimally tailored, service lives are increased and the costs for our customers are reduced.

    In addition, Schuler is currently supplying a line for the production of metal housings for batteries. For the production of outer skin and structural parts, many manufacturers of electric cars also rely on the proven and flexible press lines with ServoDirect technology, which are available in various speeds from twelve to 23 strokes per minute.

    Schuler and AWEBA will be exhibiting together at the Coil Winding (CWIEME) trade show in Berlin from 19 to 21 June: stand B29 in Hall 3.2.