A new dimension of efficiency

    The MSP series from Schuler allows efficient production of formed parts for a low acquisition cost

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    The new generation of presses is aimed at customers seeking a more balanced cost/benefit ratio.

    Schuler has expanded its MSP series with the addition of a newly developed servo press. In addition to its 100 and 200 ton stamping presses, the technology and market leader in the field of forming technology now also offers a machine that features 400 tons of press force and the innovative drive concept. The first type MSP 400 press will go to a customer in the automotive supplier industry.

    "With the MSP 400, we're proving that the efficient production of blanked and formed parts is also possible for a low acquisition cost," says Executive Director Markus Bieg from Schuler. "This new generation of presses is aimed at customers who are seeking a more balanced cost/benefit ratio without having to sacrifice the versatile ServoDirect technology or the convenience of simple operation."

    Mechanically decoupled drive train

    Similar to Schuler's TwinServo technology, the MSP 400 utilizes an opposing pair of drive trains that feature exclusive electronic synchronization. These drive trains consist of a highly dynamic servomotor, a brake module, and an eccentric shaft. The shaft itself is made up of a connecting rod, a hinged joint for quiet and rigid operation, and a slide. The resulting benefits are similar to those delivered by the TwinServo technology: The pressure points are positioned well to the outside and improve the tilting rigidity, which allows greater eccentric loads.

    Compared with presses that use conventional drive technology, the oscillating stroke mode makes it possible to increase output with a customizable stroke height setting between 60 and 300 millimeters. The clamping surface for the bed and slide measures 2,500 by 1,200 millimeters. The slide – along with the monolithic press frame – consists of a welded steel structure that has undergone stress-relief annealing.

    Frequently used movement sequences are already included

    With the help of an easy-to-use touchscreen, operators can select from five preprogrammed slide movement curves for forming, blanking, embossing, bending, and drawing. The movement sequences can be customized to fit specific process parameters, which improves both the precision of the processed parts and the service life of the dies. The optionally available OptimizerPRO also allows full-range free programmability of the slide kinematics. And, last but not least, the setup and try-out functions reduce the time required to run-in the dies.

    The MSP 400 can also be equipped with Smart Assist from Schuler, in order to assist the press operator during setup. The operator is guided step-by-step through the process by an electronic wizard which uses videos and graphics for illustration, provides fully-automated optimization of the slide and transfer movement curves, and transfers the data to the entire system. Smart Assist is part of the Smart Press Shop, a collection of Schuler solutions for the digitization and networking of forming technology.

    Electronic overload protection device prevents damage

    In the unlikely event of an operating error, the electronic overload protection device keeps problems under control. It registers excessive press force immediately and, within the span of a few milliseconds, reverses the main drive torque in the opposite direction to prevent the press from becoming damaged. The electronic overload protection device thus helps to reduce downtime. The press can only be started up again after an acknowledgment from the operator console.

    What's more, the direct and low-maintenance drive via torque motors – without any gear transmission – also translates into high availability and excellent process reliability. Combined with a reduced moment of inertia, this also improves energy efficiency. Maintenance work is focused on the condition of the machine, which can be monitored around the clock on a smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world.