Schuler installs state-of-the-art blanking line at thyssenkrupp facility in Silao, Mexico

    Produces up to 45,000 aluminum and steel parts per day / Increases annual processing capacity by 70 percent

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    Since the beginning of 2016, the Schuler blanking line has been in operation at the Silao facility of thyssenkrupp Materials de Mexico.

    The automotive industry in Mexico has been growing steadily in the recent years. To meet this increased demand, thyssenkrupp Materials de Mexico S.A. de C.V. expanded its operations in Silao, Guanajuato, by installing a state-of-the-art Schuler blanking line featuring ServoDirect Technology. It produces up to 45,000 aluminum and steel parts per day and has increased the site’s annual processing capacity by 70 percent (up to 270,000 metric tons).

    “thyssenkrupp is proud to be the first supplier in Mexico to offer customers a combined blanking line for carbon steel and aluminum blank processing,” said Olaf Voss, President, thyssenkrupp Materials de Mexico. “The introduction of the Schuler blanking line has ensured we continue to offer customers cutting-edge capabilities to meet their growing needs.”

    Since early 2016, the line has been processing aluminum and carbon steel for exposed and unexposed automotive applications, including high-strength steel up to 1,200 N/mm² of tensile strength. Thus, allowing thyssenkrupp Materials de Mexico to meet the automotive industry’s needs for lightweight construction. Ranging from the coil line all the way to the stacker, Schuler supplied all the components, which are precisely coordinated and operated by a single control and safety system.

    “When we sought to expand our Silao facility, we needed highly reliable machinery that met our increased capacity requirements,” explained Voss. “With its high degree of automation, Schuler was a natural fit, as its line allows for quick product changes and smooth operation throughout the entire process.”

    ServoDirect Technology ensures maximum flexibility and productivity

    At the heart of the line is a highly efficient 800 metric ton servo press with energy storage and an output rate of up to 75 strokes per minute. Depending on the type and size of the blank, productivity is increased by up to 150 percent, compared to a blanking line equipped with a conventional mechanical press, thanks to the programmable slide motion. Using optimized slide characteristics, Schuler’s ServoDirect Technology not only ensures maximum flexibility and productivity, but also keeps the wear on dies and machinery to a minimum. In addition, lines using this technology are ideally equipped to process the widest variety of material, such as aluminum or high-strength steels. Even surface-sensitive material can be handled safely on the same line at the highest production rates.

    However, a highly productive press is only half the battle. Coil feeding in front, as well as blank stacking behind the press need to be able to catch up: The coil line features a maximum coil speed of 120 meters per minute, and the roll feed with servo direct drive boasts an acceleration of up to 13 m/s². Belt cleaning devices and wipers all along the blanking line reduce cleaning intervals, with separate pairs of rolls for steel and aluminum, including automatic cleaning units with a quick-change system. The “Stop2Drop” stacking system at the end of the line guarantees high part quality without stopping marks and increased output rates for parts wider than 1,500 millimeters.


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