Second intake of apprentices celebrated in style

    The Schuler "Cedual" training center in Mexico now also trains specialist staff for the industry on an 18 month course

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    At the dual Schuler training center in Mexico ("Cedual"), students from the second intake have been celebrated in style.

    Those armed with a qualification from Cedual rest assured of the best employment prospects. This also applies to the second intake of industrial engineers and toolmakers, who have just today been celebrated leaving the dual training center from Schuler in the Mexican city of Puebla. Over the past three years, the freshly graduated young specialists have acquired the precise expertise and capabilities, which are in demand in the rapidly growing automobile and supplier industry in Mexico. Alongside Schuler management, the Sub-Director of the Mexican Chamber of Commerce, Andreas Müller, as well as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Allgaier Werke GmbH, Prof. Dr. Dieter Hundt, joined in the celebrations.

    "The dual training according to the German model shall continue to form the basis at Cedual in future. Nevertheless, it has also transpired that there is a need for shorter training courses. With this in mind, we now also offer a course spanning just 18 months, like the specialist for metal technology recognized by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, which shall continue to attain the high German standard of quality", explains Cedual Manager Irving Maciel. A customer workshop was set up this week to delve deeply into the needs of the customers. Maciel can provide a success story already: The automobile manufacturer, Ford has decided to sign up 21 of its Mexican employees for a basic course at Cedual.

    Additional companies such as Audi, Allgaier, ThyssenKrupp, LuK, Gestamp or PWO are also letting their junior team members attend courses at Cedual. The training center is equipped with drilling, turning, milling and grinding machines, numerous workstations, an audiovisual lecture theater and three classrooms, and offers a total of 90 spaces. Theoretical and practical phases are alternated, in a similar manner to the dual training concept driven in Germany. Both the content and the standard of training are fully in line with the German model.


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