Smart Assist makes setup easier

    Electronic assistant in Schuler’s Smart Press Shop supports production startup on transfer presses and increases output

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    Setting up a transfer press requires skill – Smart Assist from Schuler helps operators carry out this task.

    Setting up transfer presses is often a task reserved for absolute professionals: Harmonizing the press, transfer and coil line for maximum productivity calls for a high level of expertise and skill. Smart Assist from Schuler makes it easier for press operators to setup presses: The electronic assistant guides the user through the process step-by-step with the aid of videos and graphics, optimizes the movement curves of the slide and transfer fully automatically, and transfers the data to the overall system. Schuler will be presenting Smart Assist as part of the Smart Press Shop for the first time at the EuroBLECH trade fair, between October 25 and 29 in Hanover.

    “Smart Assist considerably speeds up the process of setting up transfer presses”, explains Chief Technology Officer Dr. Stephan Arnold. “It ensures that parts are always transported reliably, and the fully-automatic optimization of the movement curves, including acceleration and setting angle, also increases the output rate. Thus Smart Assist delivers excellent results within a short period of time.”

    Smart Assist – which also runs in addition to the press control system on a tablet or similar mobile end device – requests to move the slide and the transfer to specific positions one after the other. If the press operator presses “Teach”, these positions are stored. In this way, Smart Assist records the minimum transfer lift stroke required and all other relevant data.

    The optimum movement curves of the slide and transfer are then calculated based on the information collected and the parameters determined are transferred to the press control system. Practically all that remains for the operator to do is press the start button.

    Needless to say, professionals are still sought after: In Expert mode, Smart Assist permits free programming of the movement curves of the slide and transfer – for asymmetrical transfer movements to further minimize spacing, for example. This enables even the last percent to be teased out to provide a maximum output rate for the transfer press.


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