Schuler opens demonstration center in Tianjin

    Leading technology at fingertips for customers in China / Investment underlines the significance of the world's greatest press market

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    Schuler has launched the first technology center for forming technology systems in China: the Servo TechCenter Tianjin.

    Schuler has launched the first technology center for forming technology systems in China with an innovation day. The demonstration and reference center in the Northern China industrial metropolis of Tianjin offers automotive manufacturers, suppliers and other companies from the sheet metal-processing sector the opportunity to try out a servo press from the latest generation for themselves. The Servo TechCenter Tianjin is Schuler's first demonstration center across all of Asia and forms a key part of the company's strategy, to be ranked among the leading providers in China, as the largest press market in the world, in all the key price-performance sectors.

    Schuler's customers can perform their own stamping and die tests on the TwinServo press, for example. "We support our customers in optimizing their productivity and therefore becoming even more successful", comments Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Peter Jost, at the innovation day. "Our first TechCenter in China has not only put our technological leading position to the test, but also underlines the significance of the Chinese market for Schuler's future growth."

    Schuler has been operating in China with a number of sites since the early 1990's and just a few months ago acquired the leading Chinese press manufacturer, Yadon, in the middle price-performance segment. "This country has enormous potential for us", added China Chief Executive Officer, Oemer Akyazici. "With the products from Yadon under our belt, we are now optimally positioned to cover further market segments."

    Around 140 visitors were lucky enough to see the new press in action at the Servo TechCenter and listen to presentations – for example on TwinServo technology, with which the 1,600 ton system is equipped – as well as view the comprehensive range of services from Schuler in Tianjin. As such, customers cannot only make their production processes more efficient, but can also resort to back-up production or book practical training for employees.

    In addition to Tianjin, Schuler also offers customer-specific consulting services at the German sites in Göppingen, Erfurt, Gemmingen and Heßdorf as well as at the US TechCenter.


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