Complete production line from one source

    For the producers of beverage containers, Schuler now streamlines the purchase of cuppers, bodymakers, neckers-flangers, and light testers

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    Because of its special hypo-cycloid drive, the new Schuler bodymaker guarantees extended tool life and less tear off rates.

    In the beverage can industry, Schuler is well established as a recognized supplier for cupping systems. Now, thanks to a license acquired by the Japanese can making company Universal Can Corporation, (UCC) the product portfolio has expanded to include bodymakers, neckers-flangers and light testers. This means that Schuler now offers a complete solution to can manufacturers throughout the world, including the full range of forming machines and process expertise.

    The acquired technology has been running for many years in UCC’s plants in Japan. “The proven machine design will be enhanced by our powerful Research, Development & Engineering organization,” explains Managing Director Johannes Linden, Head of Schuler’s Systems Division. “We will apply proven Schuler core machine elements to offer the well-known German precision.”

    Schuler is currently providing a complete plant, with a capacity of 720 million cans a year, to a customer in Iran. The filler of soft drinks will produce around 1,800 cans per minute with standard volumes of 330 and 500 ml (12 and 17 oz.). The machines will be commissioned and operational at the beginning of 2016. At the front end of can production lines around the world, there are already a double-digit number of cupping presses in operation. The Iranian machine will have an output of up to 4.200 cups per minute.

    The new Schuler bodymaker is installed as the second machine in the production line. Because of its special hypo-cycloid drive, the whole system is more balanced than conventional machines, which means there is less vibration. Thus, tool life is extended while tear off rates are simultaneously reduced: Fabricators can reduce the number of damaged cans by half to five per million or even less. There is also less oil consumption and no need for a specific foundation.

    Team with many years of experience

    In order to support its customers, Schuler has recruited a team with many years of experience in producing cans. Its members will be able to provide can and tooling design, technical process support and engineering for installation, commissioning, training, and start-up of a beverage can line.

    “The demand for beverage cans and metal bottles is growing, and we believe that we can support the global marketplace,” maintains Managing Director Johannes Linden. "We would like to invite all canmakers to benefit from an independent, globally present and reliable partner with a customer-focused team, proven technology and a commitment to continuous innovation.”

    Meet Schuler at these conferences: GulfCan (April 14 – 16, 2015, Dubai) and Cannex (1 – 4 June, 2015, Guangzhou, China).