Another major order for a spiral pipe mill

    Tuberías Procarsa orders a complete pipe mill from Schuler

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    Hartmut Kussmaul and Walter Gut from Schuler (right and left), and Gustavo Gunter from Tuberías Procarsa at the contract signing.

    Within only a few months, Schuler has received its second major order for delivery of a spiral pipe machine. This is from one of the leading manufacturers of steel pipes in Latin America: Tuberías Procarsa, subsidiary of Industrias CH S.A.B. de C.V., with its headquarters in Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico. As recently as last May, Group Five Pipe Saudi Ltd. placed a major order for an almost identical mill.

    Tuberías Procarsa will use the offline spiral pipe machine from Schuler to produce large pipes with diameters from 508 to 2,235 millimeters (20 to 88 inches) and lengths from 12 to 24.4 meters. They will be mainly used for building pipelines in oil and gas extraction. The input stock for the large pipes is a coil-wound strip up to 25.4 millimeters (1 inch) thick comprising high-grade steel (up to X100); the spiral pipe machine forms this material into the required pipe diameter and connects the edges by tack welding. Following that, welding of the pipe is completed on a separate welding stand using the submerged-arc method.

    The pipe mill has a length of more than 450 meters and also includes various facilities for testing the large pipes according to API standards. Ultrasound, X-rays and pressurized water are used for this process. The mill from Schuler will increase Tuberías Procarsa's production capacities by 220,000 tonnes per year.


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