Europe’s most modern forging line

    Schuler supplies 16,000-metric-ton screw press and two hydraulic 2,500-metric-ton presses to Turkish automotive supplier

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    Computer animation of a similar forging line supplied by Schuler.

    Press manufacturer Schuler has received an order from Parsan Steel Forging and Machining Co. to build Europe’s most modern forging line. At the heart of the line is a screw press with a force of 16,000 metric tons which will be used to produce large truck parts, such as crankshafts, front axles, steering knuckles and flanges. The parts will be deburred and calibrated by two further hydraulic forging presses each with 2,500 metric tons of force.

    The line is around 70 meters long and fully automated: Crossbar Robots supplied by Schuler transport the pre-formed parts weighing 150 to 250 kilograms between the induction furnaces and the individual presses. The cycle speed is around 35 seconds. The control system for the highly complex line was also developed completely within the Group. “There is nothing like this line in the field of forging,” summarizes Schuler Managing Director Jochen Früh.

    Based in Istanbul, Turkey, the automotive supplier Parsan already uses a counterblow hammer supplied by Schuler. The forging line represents the largest order ever received by Schuler’s forging division in Weingarten, Germany. The order was received last November and the line is due to be delivered in early 2015.

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