Pre-form press with two servo motors

    Schuler supplies new “Upsetter” forging press to research facility in Scotland

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    Schuler’s ServoDirect Technology offers numerous benefits in the field of forging. One example: as the slide movement is freely programmable, the same press lines can be used to process different materials requiring differing forming speeds – from steel to aluminum and titanium. This is also possible with the new pre-form press, which Schuler recently supplied to a research facility in Scotland.

    The “Upsetter” features two mutually independent servo drives with 315 and 500 metric tons of press force: while the stronger motor is used to clamp the workpiece vertically, the other is used for the actual forming process in the horizontal axis. A vertical forming process would also be feasible.

    The Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC) near Glasgow will be using the press to research the production of pre-form parts for compressor blades used in airplane engines. The line is expected to start operations in the coming weeks.

    “The new press is ideally suited for the economic manufacturing of a wide variety of complex parts,” Managing Director Jochen Früh explains. The new design of the Upsetter with ServoDirect Technology and two independent servo motors makes it possible to achieve the highest production output rates and set the forming parameters to the specific forming requirements of the material. Furthermore, extremely short pressure contact times can be achieved in the clamping and upsetting work sequence.

    Speed profiles for various materials

    Schuler offers the Upsetter with press forces from 250 to 2,500 metric tons. The independent slide movements performed by two servo drives not only enables adapted speed profiles for various materials, but also high output performance. As current consumption occurs at different times, operation is more energy efficient than with conventional lines.

    The robustly constructed Upsetter also features double overload protection with force and torque limitation. Upstream and downstream processes such as glass coating, heating and cleaning are available as optional extras.


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