Schuler wins the "EuroBLECH Award " once again

    At the most important trade show for the sheet metalworking industry, the press manufacturer receives the prize for its TwinServo technology

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    EuroBlech Award

    Following its success in 2010, Schuler, the Göppingen-based press manufacturer, has won the "EuroBLECH Award" again in 2012. The prize is awarded to the most innovative companies at the world's most important trade show for the sheet metalworking industry, which is held every two years in Hanover. Schuler was given the award in the "Forming/deep-drawing" category in recognition of its newly developed TwinServo technology that is being presented to the general public for the first time at the EuroBLECH from 23 to 27 October 2012.

    "The EuroBLECH in Hanover is our leading trade show, bar none," said the Schuler Executive Board members Joachim Beyer and Dr. Markus Ernst during the presentation of the award on the first day of the show. "We are thus all the more delighted to be able to take the EuroBLECH Award back home with us. Our employees have devoted a lot of work to developing TwinServo technology over the past few years, and they richly deserve it."

    This is the sixth occasion on which the award has been given at the EuroBLECH by the trade magazines MM MaschinenMarkt and blechnet. "Any company that revolutionizes press technology in the way Schuler has succeeded in doing with its TwinServo technology deserves to win the EuroBLECH Innovation Award," said blechnet's editor-in-chief Dietmar Kuhn in his speech at the award ceremony.

    With TwinServo technology (TST), Schuler is presenting the ongoing enhancement of ServoDirect technology (SDT) which has developed into the standard for the automotive and components industries, as well as amongst domestic appliance manufacturers. A new drive concept with two decentralized servomotors in the press bolster permits a compact design and reduces noise emissions significantly. Furthermore, accessibility and rigidity have been improved compared to previous servo presses.

    In 2010, Schuler won the EuroBLECH Award for its integration of follow-on processes into forming, which include processes such as welding or thread forming. This is now possible during the forming process, thanks to the highly dynamic and programmable servo presses from Schuler.