Schuler introduces new possibilities for multi-step process of wire forming and cold heading

    The FormMaster FM500-6 SDT, built by Schuler, is the first press of its kind in the world with Servo drive to offer a horizontal, multi-step process for wire forming and cold heading.

    Key features of this new press, which features ServoDirect Technology (SDT), include:
    • Higher output
    • Improved reliable part transport
    • More product diversity
    The FM500-6 SDT is able to increase output, while keeping quality intact. As a result of optimized motion of the stroke during forming and transfer, the production cycle is reduced.

    In addition, the FormMaster FM500-6 SDT, with its extremely strong frame to ensure long service life for tools and the guarantee of high quality parts, has the distinction of being the first-ever, horizontal wire forming press with slide movement that is programmable in a targeted manner. In fact, the length of parts can be increased by up to 20 percent without having to use a bigger press with a longer stroke. Because of the freely programmable kinematics, the application spectrum widens significantly.

    Lower stroke speeds made possible

    In the past, available work energy used to depend on the size of the flywheel and its speed. Schuler’s Servo motors, however, are able to use their nominal torque, even at low rpms. One illustration of this technology is an analogy between electric cars and motorcycles. When you drive an electric vehicle and the stoplight turns green, you can leave every sports car and motorcycle in the dust because your full torque is available immediately.

    The setup and tryout functionality of the FormMaster also benefits. The speed of the slide movement is adjustable without losing any press capacity, and the forward/reverse movements are carried out without any delay. The Quick Lift feature immediately clears the die space to ensure a quicker and safer access to tooling. Maintenance and service efforts are reduced, too, because the Servo press is composed of fewer mechanical components, such as flywheel brake, clutch/brake combination, drive belt or slide lock.