Seven steps to success: mechanical transfer presses.

    The 25,000 kN mechanical transfer press is also prepared to meet a wide range of manufacturing requirements and at speeds of up to 25 strokes per minute. Small and medium-sized outer skin and structural parts can be produced in seven stations with a transport pitch of 900 mm. Stations 1 to 6 are equipped with pneumatic bed cushions for improved control of the drawing process as well as with pneumatic slide cushions for ejection of parts from the die. The link drive permits a motion sequence that can reduce the drawing speed in the working range for deep draws by up to one-third compared conventional eccentric presses.  In this way, the drawing process and part quality are optimized while at the same time die and press are subjected to less wear and tear.
    Part transport is performed by the Schuler tri-axis transfer with freely programmable axes. A specially developed encoder technology continuously communicates the slide position to the transfer control. Based on defined equations of motion developed for this purpose, the optimal transfer motions for each part are supplied after input of the die data. In addition, the transfer system is also notable for low inertia and superior rigidity. The transfer also ensures a significant improvement in die service life since the deposit of parts onto the die is performed with maximum precision even when there is considerable acceleration or deceleration of speed.

    Technical specifications
    Press capacity 25.000 kN
    SPM 8-25
    Bed clamping area 6.300 x 2.500 mm
    Length of line 15 m
    Visual display Schuler Basic View
    Auxiliary equipment Drawing cushion, slide cushion, electric tri-axis transfer, destacker/blankloader, moving bolsters

    Product overview
    Uebersicht Mechanical blanking line Hydraulic press line