Prepared for everything: hydraulic press line.

    The hydraulic press line with feeder automation features six presses with a total capacity of 135,000 kN. The line guarantees maximum flexibility and permits a level of quality that meets even the most demanding criteria for the production of high-grade and complex auto body outer skin panels. Capabilities include processing of high-strength materials, of aluminum or of tailored-blanks. The bed dimension of 5,000 x 2,500 mm is able to handle the largest panel typically produced for the automobile industry.
    The double-action lead press (35,000 kN) is equipped with an all-hydraulic 6-point bed cushion system that optimizes the drawing process and ensures constant part quality. With the multi-point control the force of each individual cylinder can be independently programmed over the drawing travel. This ensures high quality especially for the manufacture of demanding drawn components – aluminum components, for example – and for doubles.
    Presses 2 to 4 with a capacity of 20,000 kN each are likewise equipped with an hydraulic drawing cushion as well as a pneumatic slide cushion. The second and third stations are also equipped with impact shock dampening that provides protection for both press and die. Parts that only require five forming stations can be dropped out between the fifth and sixth forming stations. The final press in the line can be used either as the sixth forming station or independently as a tryout press.

    Technical specifications
    Press capacity 1 x 35.000 kN total capacity, lead press
    5 x 20.000 kN downstream presses
    SPM 7-10
    Bed clamping area 5.000 x 2.500 mm
    Length of line 60 m
    Visual display Schuler Basic View
    Auxiliary equipment Drawing cushion, slide cushion, stroke limitation and impact shock dampening, dynamic cylinder mode switching, destacker/blankloader with blank washer and lubrication unit, feeder automation, moving bolsters

    Product overview
    Uebersicht Mechanical transfer press Mechanical blanking line