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    Drives & Generators
    On the right track.
    System solutions for the railway industry.
    A dense, high-capacity railway network is bringing people together all over the world. Once on the move, they rely upon the technology to function properly. Whether railway wheels, rail ends, switches or chassis screw connections for high-speed trains, Schuler provides comprehensive technical expertise in forming technology to make sure that everything runs smoothly.
    Reach new heights with Schuler.
    Forming technologies for the aerospace industry.
    You're flying at 36,000 feet and mach 0.85. Outside, it's -50 °C. But you don't notice any of this. Modern jet engines definitely contribute to this. Light and sturdy components made from the latest high-performance materials on Schuler equipment have long since been at home in the aerospace industry. In aircraft, rockets or satellites, in applications such as precise turbine blades or large fuselage members.
    For the arteries of the Earth.
    System solutions for large pipe manufacture.
    With Schuler, you lay the foundations for success in economical, efficient and highly productive manufacture of spirally and longitudinally welded large pipes. We develop turnkey production lines for large pipes – for crude oil, natural gas and water pipelines or large pipes in the petrochemical industry, in wind energy systems as well as in the construction industry.
    Driving the future with Schuler.
    System solutions for the automobile industry.
    The world is becoming more and more mobile. Nowadays, it is easier than ever to get from point A to point B. Quickly. In comfort and safety. With performance and style. With energy efficient cars. Thanks to new materials that make vehicles lighter and safer.
    With Schuler, you can put the solutions of the future onto the road. As a global leader in forming technology, we deliver systems, tooling, process expertise and services for the entire automotive industry.
    Tackling the future with cutting edge technology.
    System solutions for the automotive components industry.
    Great designs. Quality components for the chassis, engine and bodywork not only make cars look attractive, they also guarantee safety and comfort.
    Schuler is the world's leading manufacturer of systems for sheet metal forming. Whether automated mechanical or hydraulic system solutions - our machines enable you to produce a wide range of parts flexibly and efficiently, with the best quality. With innovations such as ServoDirect Technology.
    Stylish designs for the kitchen, bathroom and living room.
    System solutions for the domestic appliance industry.
    Whether it is radiators, heat exchangers, shower trays or sink basins made from stainless steel: design and variety are becoming more and more important in the domestic appliance industry. Presses and automation systems from Schuler give you the necessary flexibility and efficiency. In this way, you can win over customers with high-quality sheet metal parts – in form and function.
    Experience that pays off.
    System solutions for minting technology.
    Schuler supports minting technology with innovative developments and numerous patents. For example, at the turn of the 19th Century, it was possible to produce up to 60 coins per minute on Schuler presses – an astonishing achievement for the time. Today, high-performance machines from Schuler achieve performance levels of up to 850 coins per minute. Our customer-focused practical research and development is continuously improving the efficiency of our machines.
    The right amount.
    Forming technologies for the packaging industry.
    Process reliability, high output and quality are especially important in the beverage industry and in the manufacturing of aerosol cans. Compliance to high standards is necessary to safely package foods, paints and canned beverages.
    Schuler supplies you with production solutions that are high-quality and efficient. First-class presses with the latest automation technology achieve precise formed solutions which meet the requirements of the packaging market – with no ifs, ands or buts.
    A better future with new energy.
    System solutions for producing electric motor laminations.
    The automobile of the future will be driven by electric motors, the rotor and stator plates of which will have been produced on Schuler machines.
    Rely on Schuler: our blanking machines, high-speed presses and notching presses offer you tailor-made system solutions for manufacturing electric motor laminations.


    19/06/2018 | Trade Fair / Event Stanztec 2018

    Stanztec focuses on technology, know-how and knowledge transfer between German suppliers, customers and interested parties from all over the world. Instead of presenting the entire range of global supply, the event showcases high-end punching technology strictly for the cost-efficient production of functional parts and assemblies. For customers, this means an opportunity to approach solutions directly, on an equal footing with specialists, which ultimately avoids expensive, time-consuming detours.

    Schuler offers a broad lineup of products specially geared to the requirements of stamping companies: from reliable C-frame presses and efficient automatic blanking presses to versatile servo presses.

    You will find us in hall GS, booth A-18.

    Come visit us at Stanztec and talk to one of our experts!

    19/06/2018 | Trade Fair / Event CWIEME Coil Winding Berlin

    Visit Schuler and Aweba at CWIEME 2018. See for yourselves! We cordially invite you to visit our joint booth B29 in hall 3.2. Schulers and Awebas team of experts will be on hand to answer your questions.

    Are you producing electric motors or generators? If so, then you can benefit now from the advantages of a single source solution. Schuler is the only manufacturer of system solutions for producing laminations for electric motors and generators in the industry who not only produces the presses and automation, but – thanks to the co-operation with its Aweba branch – the dies as well.

    You will find us at booth 32B29.

    Schuler presses ensure the highest possible product quality, as well as sustainable and energy-efficient manufacturing. The matching cutting dies for motor laminations in all conceivable versions and sizes can be obtained from Aweba.

    The Fourth International Conference on Advanced High Strength Steel and Press Hardening (ICHSU 2018) provides a platform for innovative forming technology in China and around the world. Schuler will be on hand at the Conference to present its aluminum hot forming solutions.

    29/08/2018 | Trade Fair / Event UMEX

    Since its inception, UMEX has always been well connected to the European market through its partnerships, and has consistently delivered successful exhibitions. International Trade and Exhibitions India Pvt Ltd (ITEI) and MTI (Machinery Trade International), the globally acclaimed magazine for pre-owned machines, are once again set to bring together leading industry players from across the globe in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India from August 29–31, 2018. The business event is the only one of its kind in Asia to focus on the used machinery segment.

    Buying a used machine is a matter of trust, and you can place that trust in Schuler Pressen and Vögtle Service. As an original equipment manufacturer and technological leader in metalworking technology, Schuler has the extensive know-how and expertise you need. Take advantage of our wide range of offered services, our global dealer networks, and our huge stock of over 400 machines.

    You will found us in hall 12A, booth 12B87