Reach new heights with Schuler.
    Forming technologies for the aerospace industry.

    You're flying at 36,000 feet and mach 0.85. Outside, it's -50 °C. But you don't notice any of this. Modern jet engines definitely contribute to this. Light and sturdy components made from the latest high-performance materials on Schuler equipment have long since been at home in the aerospace industry. In aircraft, rockets or satellites, in applications such as precise turbine blades or large fuselage members.

    We are ready to support you when the highest part quality, maximum plant availability and reliable processing are required day-in, day-out. Maximum precision, durability, load capacity. Components manufactured on our machines meet all the demands placed on them throughout their entire lifecycle – thanks to our extensive development expertise, professional implementation and global service.

    Application areas

    • Aircraft skin and structural parts, landing gear components
    • Turbine components
    • Tanks and pipelines
    • Rocket and satellite components

    Business activities