Composites presses


    Fiber-reinforced plastics offer a great deal of scope for design, as well as considerable functions with minimum component weight. Use the potential of modern plastics and rely on economical solutions for series production of fiber-reinforced components – with fully-automated hydraulic press systems and production expertise from Schuler.

    Our hydraulic press systems are suitable for series production of:
    • SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) components
    • GMT (Glass Mat Thermoplastics) components
    • RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) components
    Different systems are used, depending on the component requirements and the production process. The result: Best parts quality and maximum production reliability – for greater economic efficiency and maximum productivity.

    Your advantages

    • High rapid motion speeds, short pressure buildup times and active ram parallelism control for high-quality components with small wall thicknesses
    • Controlled speed profiles in the press process for greater flexibility in component production
    • Press configuration with optimized deflection properties in order to achieve uniform wall thicknesses
    • Roll guiding of the slide with deactivation function for freedom of slide motion in the press process
    • Separate cylinders for both slide parallelism control and smooth die opening without damage to the component
    • Accumulator drives for efficient energy use and short pressure build-up times


    Hydraulic presses for fiber-reinforced plastics with accumulator drive
    Hydraulic short-stroke press for the manufacture of fiber-reinforced plastics


    Hydraulic short stroke press for processing fiber-reinforced plastics