Spare parts - high availability and fast delivery

    When a production stoppage occurs, a high availability of spare parts is important. Thanks to our central store of spare parts and quick delivery times, we can keep your production running. Our 250 experienced service technicians worldwide can assist you, if necessary, with removing and fitting the spare parts.

    Bevorratung der Ersatzteile im Zentrallager für maximale Anlagenverfügbarkeit

    Schuler’s extensive range of spare parts is your guarantee of high system availability. This reduces unplanned downtimes, avoids unnecessary costs and, thanks to our inventory of critical spare parts and accessories, we can achieve the shortest possible delivery times.

    Our continuous optimization of the range of spare parts, in particular critical ones, ensures our services are geared towards your production. The inventory is held in our spare parts and logistics center in Göppingen. Schuler also stocks spare parts at its other international locations.

    Advantages of our spare parts inventory:
    • The failure of parts, in particular critical parts, has a direct impact on the availability of machines and systems. By storing core components and selected critical parts in our international spare parts and logistics centers, we can guarantee fast response times in the event of a service call.
    • Our inventory of spare parts covers all Schuler systems as well as service brands. Our spare parts service applies regardless of manufacturer or brand, year of manufacture, or location.

    Umfangreicher Ersatzteilkatalog für Maschinen und Anlagen von Schuler und deren Service-Marken

    • Our network of trusted suppliers, combined with our know-how as a global manufacturer of machines, enables us to source the necessary purchased parts without difficulty. These parts are characterized by their high quality, accurate dimensions, and state-of-the-art design.

    Time is money. Our fast delivery service ensures downtimes are kept to a minimum and you can keep your production operating smoothly. The logistics centers ensure a quick and reliable supply of spare parts.

    Delivery of in-stock parts for orders received before midday:

    When selecting the required spare parts, our customers trust in the advice and know-how of our experienced service experts. Regardless of whether the focus is on standard parts or whole assemblies.

    Als Hersteller, mit langjähriger Erfahrung aus Produktion und Fertigung, bietet Schuler geeignete Lösung weltweit

    The advice from our spare parts experts also includes:
    • Identification of the required part and advice in the case of items that have been discontinued or further developed technically. This ensures that we offer the customer the right spare part at all times.

    • Development of an individualized spare parts strategy taking into consideration your current maintenance and storage strategies. This plan considers not only the optimal supply of spare parts but also cost-reduction aspects.

    • Standardized spare part packs: Pre-configured packs put together by our experts are available for specific machine types.

    • Customized spare part packs: Configuration of spare part packs specifically tailored to your machinery.

    Maximum quality guarantees reliability and trouble-free production. An incorrectly selected, inferior quality or defective spare part will put your production process at risk. Unplanned downtimes of systems and machines cause significant financial damage. This can quickly impact on your ability to deliver to your end customers. Our spare parts service delivers original spare parts of consistent quality with regard to specifications, tolerances, dimensions and surface characteristics.

    Fertigung anhand Originalzeichnungen: Als Hersteller verfügt Schuler über die original Zeichnungen von weltweit installierten Anlagen.

    • Manufacture based on original drawings: As the manufacturer, Schuler has the original drawings for all of its systems installed worldwide. This enables us to manufacture all the spare parts required for older machines as well as for all service brands of Schuler.
    • Manufacture without drawings: After our experts have inspected your system, we can design and manufacture the required parts for you. This ensures the timely and reliable availability of spare parts.
    • Know-how of a manufacture: As a manufacturer with long-standing experience in production and manufacturing, Schuler offers suitable solutions worldwide. On request, our experts can design and manufacture custom technical solutions. As your business partner, we can produce custom spare parts as well as install, disassemble and reassemble, or commission your system.

    Schuler has production sites in Europe, China and America, as well as service companies in more than 40 countries. Thanks to our global network, we can offer quick response times while also ensuring a comprehensive supply of spare parts.

    Our international logistics centers give us ideal market coverage:


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