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    Plant Photo of Schuler Presses in Göppingen, Germany

    Schuler Pressen GmbH, Erfurt, Germany

    Mailing address

    Schuler Pressen GmbH

    Schwerborner Straße 1
    99086 Erfurt

    Tel.: +49 (0) 3 61 / 70-0
    Fax: +49 (0) 3 61 / 70-60 01

    Tel.: +49 (0) 3 61 / 70-65 62
    Fax: +49 (0) 3 61 / 70-65 51

    ServoTech Center
    Tel.: +49 (0) 3 61 / 70 66-50
    Fax.: +49 (0) 3 61 / 70-66 51

    How to find us


    Norbert Broger, Jochen Früh, Dr. Martin Habert, Daniel Huber, Dr. Peter Jost, Klaus Linnig


    1897 Founding of the company as "Berlin-Erfurt Machine Tool Factory Henry Pels & Co."Manufacturing and sales of punches and shears
    1905 Opening of branches in Paris, Brussels, Milan, London, New York and Stockholm
    1954 Development and manufacturing of shears and automotive presses
    since 1970 Operated as a state-owned company "ERFURT Forming Technology Collective" with up to 19.000 employees (main facility in Erfurt approx. 5.000 employees)
    1990 Reorganized as Erfurt Forming Technology GmbH
    1994 Taken private again as Erfurt Forming Technology GmbH
    2001 Merger of Erfurt Forming Technology GmbH with Müller Weingarten AG
    2005 Opening of a training facility
    Founding of the UmformCenter Erfurt GmbH
    2006 Expansion of "contract manufacturing" sector
    Start-up of production of complex structural and small parts for the automobile industry and its suppliers
    2007 Acquired by the Schuler Group
    Expansion of the production capacity of UmformCenter Erfurt GmbH by means of a 1.100 metric ton servo press
    2013 Expansion of the production capacity of UmformCenter Erfurt GmbH by the commitment of the latest Schuler TWIN-Servo transferpress TST with 16.000 kN press capacity 
    2014 Merger of UmformCenter Erfurt GmbH with Schuler Pressen GmbH

    Core competencies

    As one of the central production and service providers of the Schuler Group in Europe, the Erfurt Forming Technology facility manufactures equipment for the automobile industry and its suppliers as well as the electric motor and household appliance sectors. The products are delivered to an active roster of customers worldwide.
    Capabilities range from the manufacture and assembly of various mechanical and hydraulic presses to a comprehensive range of services. “Contract manufacturing” also offers manufacturing of welded assemblies, machining and assembly as well as start-up services.
    The range of capabilities and services is rounded out by the manufacture of special application parts such clutch plate carriers, passenger car structural parts, etc.

    Schuler manufactures powertrain- and structural parts for the automobile industry and its suppliers. By the commitment of the latest servo-press technology, we develop individual solutions for optimizing the entire production process in our press plant.