First laser blanking line for Asia

    Ansteel orders system with two cutting heads to process steel and aluminum coils for the automotive industry

    Ansteel is one of the largest steel producers worldwide and also known as the “cradle of steel industry” in China which contributed significantly to the rapid economic growth of the People’s Republic. Now, the company will also be the first Schuler customer in Asia to install a laser blanking line. This is also the first system worldwide that features two cutting heads for the processing of coil material with a width of up to 1,880 mm.

    Laser cutting systems for blanking lines have proven their reliability and high output in the series production of outer body parts already in Europe – another one will be delivered to the U.S – and are particularly suitable for production processes with frequent product changes since no dies are needed. Schuler's innovative DynamicFlow Technology enables a highly dynamic cutting process and high strip speeds for the coil material which is continuously moving forward. On the one hand, this leads to an increased output and higher system availability; on the other hand the process ensures gentle transport of sensitive materials such as aluminum.

    The Laser Blanking Line 2.18 has two powerful cutting heads and can be used to produce blanks for various components made of coil material with a width of up to 1.880 mm. It is a cost-optimized alternative to the Laser Blanking Line 3.21 with three cutting heads, which is particularly suitable for the efficient production of outer skin blanks with a coil width of up to 2.150 mm. It provides a wide range of options to optimally adapt the system to customers’ needs and is successfully in production for several years now.

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