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Laser blanking lines


Laser blanking lines

Laser blanking lines are especially well suited for manufacturing applications with frequent product changeovers, as they do not require dies.  Frequent and lengthy die changeovers plus the expenses associated with die maintenance and die storage are eliminated altogether. 

With Schuler’s innovative DynamicFlow Technology, this line offers the highest degree of manufacturing flexibility at a relatively low investment cost.  A line equipped with laser blanking can process the widest variety of blank materials such as aluminum or high-strength steels - and also guarantees a high degree of product quality, even for surface-sensitive outer skin blanks.

Your advantages

  • Suitable for all blank shapes
  • No costs for dies and die storage
  • Fast product changes and thus high level of uptime
  • Adjustment of blank contours after production launch
  • Simultaneous production of varying blank shapes
  • Reduced material costs
  • High energy efficiency
  • Reduced investment volume


Laser Blanking with DynamicFlow Technology