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    Service - Complete Performance.

    Comprehensive service of press and automation equipment plays a key role for today’s metalforming manufacturers. The Schuler service team is there for you – reliable and with services customized to your needs. Worldwide, there are more than 900 service technicians in more than 30 of our Schuler Service Centers working for you. They ensure cost-effective part production on more than 150.000 production lines installed to date. Our service capabilities include complete technical service to ensure a high degree of uptime, performance enhancements achieved by optimization and modernization processes, training and used equipment.

    Schuler India is located Pune. An experienced and fully fledged Indian service team provides comprehensive services and customer support in the field of Metal Forming. This includes for example launch assistance, training, teleservice, erection, assembly and installation, handling of turn key projects, complete project management, after sales services and refurbishment of used machinery.

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